Cantek Group

Sometimes the physical distance and duration that food travels from production location to consumption location may be long. Keeping food products fresh and healthy in this case is only possible by storing them in frozen storage.

Cantek, developing the most efficient solutions for food security, offers solutions with the most advanced technologies for frozen storage facilities, also providing you with a major gain in operating costs through exceptional energy savings. In addition, the company:

  • offers the service of remote monitoring the storage from a single centre
  • provides periodic reports for the data, such as energy consumption, changes in heat-humidity
  • develops projects and provides consultancy services
  • develops turnkey solutions including construction works
  • offers services from all around the world

Providing users with custom projects for the storage of frozen food, Cantek provides solutions for the process of precooling needed for freezing process in an efficient and healthy way. These solutions include:

We offer innovative solutions that suit you.