Only 25% of the food produced in the world for human consumption is stored under optimum conditions. Therefore, 75% of global population does not have access to healthy and affordable food in full measure. Elimination of this problem can be made possible by ensuring food security.

Three elements should exist simultaneously for ensuring food security:

  • Affordability of food prices
  • Constant supply of food
  • Availability of healthy and diversified food

The fact that all people meet their nutritional requirements and food preferences to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle is only possible by ensuring the above elements. Food companies and local administrations should make the right investments in terms of food storage and food processing.

In many regions of the world, productive farming is practiced, and diversified agricultural products are grown. However, products that cannot be stored and processed appropriately often lose their freshness and economic value, if not wasted. Yet, this risk can be eliminated when these products are stored in modern storage facilities, and processed appropriately with the awareness of the culture of food security. Thus, producers and consumers equally win. People have access to safe food, and food products are exported in the worldwide.

As Cantek, we believe in the right of equitable access to healthy, diversified, affordable and sustainable food for all. Thus, we have specified the motive for our corporate existence as developing innovative solutions to ensure food security around the world. We run the most correct projects for food processing and food storage in order for the whole planet to win and eliminate the problem of having access to healthy food.