Modern and hygienic slaughterhouses specially designed for the slaughter and shredding of cattle such as calves, oxen and camels are easily transportable as they are in a 40' container.

Thanks to the hydraulic system of the container, it becomes 2-floor and reaches a high ceiling size and creates sufficient space for the treatment of cattle. Cold storage or processing units can further be added to the container slaughterhouse according to your request.

After production, it is shipped to any location you may desire, ready for use. It can be easily commissioned without needing to be assembled. Cattle container slaughterhouses with an hourly capacity of approximately 12 heads are extremely practical and economical for anyone who performs small-scale slaughter in different locations.

  • Double-deck, hot-dip galvanized steel structure slaughter equipment, dual rails and support materials.
  • Slaughter capacity: 12 cattle / hour
  • PU panel wall cladding
  • Ready for use complete with electrical, lighting and mechanical installations
  • Installed hygiene equipment (sinks, knife sterilizers)
  • Having dimensions of 320x1320x320 cm when closed and 320x1320x560 cm at the time of slaughtering
  • Double-deck opening system. The upper deck is lifted by means of hydraulic system or crane and prepared for slaughtering.
  • Lighting and mechanical installation system
  • Installed hygiene equipment (sinks, knife sterilizer)
  • No infrastructure required. Fast shipping; easy commissioning.
  • Special design and equipment configuration according to user demand
  • Fast shipping; easy commissioning.

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